Gloster MEP

We have an ongoing working relationship with Gloster MEP, and we support the IT systems in their business that serve 150 users. Gloster MEP came to us dissatisfied with their current IT platform and tasked us with updating and improving it. Here’s how we did it…

What were our client’s requirements?

When Gloster MEP got in touch with us, they were unhappy with their current platform, which was outdated and inflexible. Their goal was to achieve flexible IT systems for all their workers, whether they were in the office or out on site with limited connectivity. They wanted to be able to share data with their clients securely and in way that was easy to manage and control. Gloster MEP operates numerous site offices which also required connectivity.

What services do we provide for Gloster MEP?

Due to our ongoing relationship with Gloster MEP, the services we provide for them are always evolving. We had multiple planning meetings with the Senior Team and Department heads and decided to embed one of our technicians into Gloster MEP for several weeks to assist with the services we would provide. The work we carried out for Gloster initially included:

  • Migrating their systems to Office 365, and liaising with their outgoing IT company to make this happen
  • The setup of a new hybrid Office 365 environment – this included importing users and their data, creating Teams sites for projects and departments and creating distribution groups
  • Supplying and managing an On-premise virtualised server for an ERP system
  • Supplying, installing, and maintaining all network infrastructure and a Wi-Fi system
  • Supplying and installing a new VoIP telephony system
  • Implementing new cyber security measures, including:
    • Advanced email security
    • Antivirus and malware solutions
    • Firewalls
    • Cloud-to-cloud backups (their emails, SharePoint, and Teams are backed up three times a day)

At present, we provide ongoing support for all the services mentioned. The IT systems we implemented support 150 users, and we proactively monitor the systems so that their day-to-day business runs smoothly. The work that we carried out was all organised so that it took place during the Christmas shutdown period. This ensured that employees could get started in the New Year with fresh systems that could make their lives easier!

What were the challenges faced?

Due to the scale of this project, there was a lot to do! The final handover of Gloster MEP’s company data was very late in getting to us, and it didn’t leave us much time before the agreed completion date. Gloster MEP’s employees are also heavy users of their emails, which resulted in large, unmanageable inboxes that we had to work around.

How were these challenges overcome?

To ensure that the project was completed on time, our team worked long hours over the Christmas period. This guaranteed that all our work was completed to a high standard within the agreed timeframe, resulting in Gloster MEP’s business being unaffected and their team being able to resume their work as normal in the New Year. We set up an email auto archiving system, which made the size of the inboxes much easier to manage. It also meant that users were still able to access their archived data easily.


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