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IT Support in Kent

IT Support in Kent

It’s common that businesses often require excellent local IT Support in Kent.   IT Support Kent is one of Cyan IT’s expert services and we are a reliable, knowledgeable company to come to when you need just that. We have more than forty years in the IT support industry between us, meaning that our expertise allows your IT systems to be in safe hands.

We provide a range of IT services, encompassing everything you could need to support your company in Kent. This spans from the migration to Microsoft 365, to the procurement of IT equipment, ensuring that your business benefits from the best. We work hard to understand what your future goals are for your Kent company, and tailor your IT systems to suit this goal, future-proofing your company. We frequently work throughout the area of Kent, from Canterbury and Maidstone through to Margate and into London. To get in touch with our company and find out what we can do for your IT, contact us on 020 8142 4394.


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To find out about our IT support services company in Kent, get in touch with our team at Cyan IT. We can’t wait to hear from you. Call us on 020 8142 4394, email, or complete our contact form for a response back.


Our range of IT Support in Kent

We provide every IT support service you could need to ensure your company in Kent runs smoothly, without any hassle to your day-to-day routine. Our services are to the highest standard, and we prioritise our customers’ satisfaction, doing everything we can to meet your requirements.

IT Support Kent

IT support

We will provide ongoing IT support, ensuring that you have someone to go to should an issue arise. We do this remotely or on-site, proactively monitoring your systems to ensure their smooth running.


The implementation of new infrastructure includes networking, setting up Wi-Fi and more. We will deliver your systems efficiently, ensuring your Kent business doesn’t suffer from much downtime.

Cyber security

Cyber security is an important part of IT services. We have a range of protective measures that we implement for you, protecting your data and your Kent business’s information securely.

VoIP and telephony

VoIP and telephony use an internet connection in order to make and receive business phone calls. This can help you optimise and modernise your Kent business, creating flexibility to work remotely.

IT Procurement

When you require new IT equipment for your Kent company, we are the ones to procure it. We are Microsoft and Adobe partners, ensuring you will benefit from high quality equipment.

Microsoft 365

Your Kent company’s migration to Microsoft 365 could help streamline your business operations. We provide ongoing support for Microsoft systems, including SharePoint, Teams and Excel.

IT consultancy Kent: Our expert advice

Our team at Cyan IT will provide our IT consultancy services to your Kent-based business, ensuring the advancement of your company using IT. We are experienced in the industry, and have been helping businesses to use IT Support to further their company for years. We find out your future goals for your business, ensuring that we create an IT Support plan that helps you achieve this.

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If you require our IT Support in Kent, whether this is consultation on your digital transformation or procurement of equipment, we can help. Get in touch with us on 020 8142 4394 or email

IT solutions in Kent:
Why we’re the choice for you

Working with our company will provide you with a range of benefits. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and ensuring you have a good experience with us is our priority.
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IT Support Kent

Clear communication

We understand that IT can sometimes confusing, especially with all the technical terms! That’s why we ensure to communicate with customers in a way that they understand, leaving the IT jargon at the door. We are an approachable team – you can always ask us any questions you may have.

IT Support Kent

More than forty years’ experience

Between our business tech support team, we have more than forty years of experience. This expertise in the IT industry allows us to offer our customers our knowledgeable advice. Should you need any assistance, you are always welcome to come to us, and we will do all we can.

IT Support Kent

Consistent results

Our customers benefit from consistent results from our IT services. We solve 80% of reported IT issues within just two hours of them coming through to our Helpdesk, and 95% of them within four hours. This ensures that your Kent business can run without the risk of IT slowing you down.

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To get in touch with us for IT support services in Kent from an expert IT support provider, get in touch on 020 8142 4394, email