Cyan is green!

The environment

Now more than ever, it is important for us all to be thinking about the environment around us. As a society, carrying on as we are would be detrimental to the environment, which is why here at Cyan IT we are taking steps towards reducing our impact. We like to go by the motto, Cyan is green! We’re constantly aware that our industry contributes a lot to greenhouse gas emissions, which is why we do our part to try and minimise this. We can advise our clients about how they can change their ways, ensuring the environment is accounted for within their new IT systems. For our IT services and to find out how you can decrease your environmental impact, give us a call on 020 8142 4394.


The steps we take

We have come up with a variety of ways that we can minimise our environmental impact at Cyan IT. This enables us to be confident in the work we do, safe in the knowledge that we are reducing any impact we may be having on the environment.

  • Our company cars are electric
  • We work with and recommend carbon neutral companies such as:
    • Microsoft 365
    • Honest Mobile
  • We recommend ways for our clients to minimise their environmental impact, spreading information about how they can do their part

Find out more about our green practices

Our team can help you with your IT systems, no matter your requirements. Minimising your environmental impact could be the next step for you… Find out more, including information about your free audit, by calling 020 8142 4394 or sending an email to


How can you become environmentally friendly?

If your business is looking for ways to minimise its impact on the environment around us, we can help you take steps to achieve this goal. We will advise you on the best systems to use to minimise your contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

We recommend working with companies who are carbon neutral, such as Microsoft 365 and Honest Mobile. Working with these companies will ensure you aren’t contributing to negative environmental practices unknowingly.

Transitioning from on-site infrastructure to cloud servers to host your company’s data. On-site servers require cooling and consume more power, contributing to carbon emissions. By taking the servers off-site, your premises could create less environmental harm.

The IT services we can offer you

We can offer our advice about your business’s environmental impact alongside any of our services. We provide a range of IT support services, as well as consultancy services, which can help you transform your business.

What to expect working with Cyan IT

Working with Cyan IT will mean that you can benefit from our expert IT services, enhancing the way your business runs. You can benefit from our emphasis on honest and reliable services from an approachable team.

Clarity in communication

We know how important communication is, which is why our team ensures they minimise the amount of IT language used in conversations with clients. We keep you in the loop at all times, in a way that works for you.

More than forty years’ experience

Our technical IT team has more than forty years of experience between us. This experience encompasses a variety of sectors, giving us the expertise to work with a wide range of clients for any IT requirement.

Producing reliable results

We provide our clients with results, reliably solving issues that arise with their IT systems. We solve 80% of support issues within two hours of them being reported to us and 95% within 4 hours, allowing businesses to run uninterrupted.

Contact Cyan IT

To get in touch with our team for advice about minimising the environmental impact of your IT systems, give us a call on 020 8142 4394 or email