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Cyber security in London

For enterprise level cyber security solutions in London, Cyan IT is the expert company to come to. Our advanced solutions and software will protect your business from outside threats, allowing you to focus your attention on running your business. Developing cyber security for your business, as well as helping you to achieve Cyber Essentials Certification, will further the safety of your company’s data, decreasing the risk of a cyber attack and giving you peace of mind that your internal systems are up to scratch. Cyan IT will monitor your systems to provide ongoing cyber security support, maintaining the safety of your business’s information. To find out more about our services, give us a call on 020 8142 4394.


What do our cyber security services include?

When we supply and implement cyber security solutions within your business, we will be providing a range of preventative measures that will benefit your company. These include:

  • Advanced email filtering security, mitigating against malware, spam, and phishing attempts
  • Anti-virus and malware solutions (these include web filtering reports and logging centrally, allowing us to quickly react to a potential threat)
  • Cloud-to-cloud backup, copying information from one cloud system onto another to back up company files
  • Providing intelligent firewall systems to strengthen the security protecting your files, testing these regularly with penetration testing

We will work with you to determine the fine details of your cyber security systems, such as the retention of your backups, which may depend on the size of your business. We can tailor our IT services to any client, with our experience allowing us to advise the best course of action!

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Cyber Essentials Certifications: how we can help

Cyber Essentials Certification is an accreditation that your business can achieve to demonstrate that you take your cyber security seriously. It shows that your company has policies and systems in place that protect against cyber-attacks and potential breaches. We can help you complete the self-assessment questionnaire that is required for this accreditation and, via our implementation of cyber security for your business, can ensure you have the correct measures in place.

A Cyber Essentials Plus Certification requires an auditor to come to your office (although occasionally this can be done remotely), where they will check your questionnaire against the cyber security measures in place on site. Our team at Cyan IT can liaise with the auditor on the day, making sure the process goes well and you are awarded your accreditation of Cyber Essentials Plus.

Why is a Cyber Essentials Certification important?

Cyber Essentials Certification is the demonstration that your company is guarded against common cyber threats. This could be important to show to your own clients, and may be useful in the inclusion of contracts so that your clients are aware of your dedication to preventing a cyber attack.

How you will benefit from a cyber security solution provider

Cyber security within your business is a crucial measure to take. It will ensure that your business is appropriately protected from threats outside of your company. You will be provided with the following benefits when working with us to achieve cyber security solutions:

Ongoing support from our team

We proactively monitor the solutions that we implement for your business, and we are notified of any issues that arise. This allows us to react quickly and get started on resolving the problem. It’s important that there is a fast response to issues such as these, as it allows your business to have the chance to recover data in the event of a breach.

A chance at data recovery

With our systems and our IT support, your business will have a chance at data recovery in the event of a security breach. There is nothing we can guarantee, but we will employ our skill, experience, and expertise to attempt to recover your company’s information in the event of a hack or cyber attack.

Security in your data storage

Our cyber security services will include implementing cloud-to-cloud backup software. This ensures that your company’s data is copied from one cloud to another, creating multiple copies in the event that one fails or is hacked. This will allow you peace of mind that you will be able to access your files and data.

Additional services from your
cyber security services provider

It could be beneficial to invest in our other IT services at the same time as your cyber security. Here at Cyan IT, we can deliver IT systems that are tailored for your business, ensuring that they are appropriate for the growth of your company and help you run efficiently. The services we offer include:

IT support services on an ongoing basis

Implementation of new infrastructure

Consultancy services for your company’s plans

VoIP and telephony services

Procurement of IT equipment

Assistance in the transition into Microsoft 365 systems

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Why work with cyber security companies in London?

Here at Cyan IT, we keep our values at the forefront of our minds. One of our key values as a cyber security firm is ensuring our clients have an exceptional experience with us. This is how we make that happen:

Communication without the jargon

IT terms can be difficult to understand, which is why we keep you in the loop and discuss your business with you without the complicated jargon. Communication is key, and we know our clients appreciate our approachability.

Experience within the team

Within our technical team, there is more than forty years of experience between us. This experience allows us to deliver quality IT systems that are tailored to your business, you can trust our expertise.

Consistent results

We deliver consistent results. We have helped businesses ranging from 10 to 200 users achieve their CE and CE Plus accreditations. Our IT support service is reliable – we resolve 80% of issues within just 2 hours of them being reported and 95% within 4 hours.

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