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IT support

With our IT support, our clients are able to benefit from any kind of IT assistance they could need. This can encompass a range of things, from software to equipment. The majority of our IT support will be delivered remotely, working conveniently around your business to create a minimal amount of disruption. We also provide proactive support using remote management software that lets us fix any issues – maybe before you have even noticed! This service will help ensure that your systems are running smoothly, which is imperative to the seamless running of your business! To find out how we can help you, call us on 020 8142 4394.


What’s included in our IT support?

Generally, our IT support will be delivered in a standard package, which includes:

  • Unlimited phone support
  • Unlimited Email support
  • Unlimited remote-control support
  • Microsoft application support
  • 24-hour system monitoring
  • Support for peripherals
  • Server management and maintenance
  • Backup management
  • Liaison with internet service providers and third-party vendors, so you don’t have to
  • Support and proactive management of cyber security solutions supplied by us at Cyan IT

Whatever your request, we will accommodate it. We resolve over 80% of support issues within two hours of them being reported and 95% within 4 hours – we’re the reliable support you need. If you decide you need extra support or additional services, this is entirely possible when partnering with us.

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Our IT support can give you the peace of mind you need for your business’s IT systems. Our team will handle everything, taking the technicalities off your hands. Contact us on 020 8142 4394, email, or complete our contact form for a fast response from our team.


How does it work?

For our IT support services, it’s easy to get in touch with us. There are two ways that you can benefit from our services:

Report your IT issue

Call 020 8142 4394 or email to get in touch with our team. Once you have told us how we can take some stress off your shoulders, your issue will be resolved quickly. If the issue is critical, it will be responded to within an hour, if there is low urgency, there will be a response within four hours.

Benefit from our proactive monitoring

Our engineers will be alerted to an issue by your systems, and will be able to resolve them remotely in most cases. This could even happen before you realise there is a problem, as our proactive services are designed to minimise the impact that potential IT problems could have on your company. Many of our clients have expressed their gratitude to us for solving issues before they seem to have even presented!

IT support: what it can do for you

You may be pondering the benefits of ongoing IT support for your company. No matter what sector you are in, you will undoubtedly rely on IT systems in some capacity. IT support will allow you to be confident in your systems and in the fact that any issue will be resolved without delay. You can benefit in the following ways:

Free up your

Our IT support ensures that your employees won’t have to pick up responsibilities relating to IT. This could make them more confident in their role and free up their time for other duties, enabling your company to run smoothly.

Mitigate against cyber attacks

Our proactive cyber security software will monitor the devices in your business so that we can counteract the risk of a cyber threat. With our IT support, your systems will be protected and your information will be backed up.

Monitor equipment and software

Working with us, we can ensure that your hardware is current, enrolling devices within our remote management systems. We also account for accurate software licensing, as only our team can install the software.

Our portfolio of IT services

Working with Cyan IT can offer you a comprehensive service. We can handle everything you could need regarding your company’s systems, providing a reliable service and using jargon-free communication to maintain good working relationships. We offer a wide range of IT services, allowing you to focus on your business without the annoyance of navigating IT!

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To claim your free audit, all you have to do is get in touch. We can take it from there! Call us on 020 8142 4394 or email to get started.

Working with our team: what to expect

Working with Cyan IT will be everything you could wish for from an IT company. We prioritise our clients’ experience with us, ensuring that you reap as many benefits as possible. We infuse our values into every bit of work we do.

Jargon-free communication

We know that there can be technical language that’s hard to keep up with when working with IT! We communicate with you without the jargon, ensuring that we are understood and can help you with your IT requirements easily.

An experienced team

Together, our team has more than four decades of experience in the IT industry. Your company will benefit from this extensive experience, identifying problems we have seen before and resolving them expertly.

Consistent and reliable

The software we use allows us to proactively monitor your company’s IT, giving you peace of mind that potential problems will be resolved. You will have a consistent point of contact, building up a beneficial working relationship.

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