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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology uses an internet connection to make and receive telephone calls. VoIP lines for business can help your company to decrease the amount of hardware needed, as the technology can be accessed on any compatible device. Your VoIP technology can offer flexibility for remote working, and could reduce the running costs of your company. Cyan IT are the experts at implementing and delivering VoIP technology, introducing it to your business to ensure your team is comfortable with the change. We provide one on one or small group training to train your employees on how to use VoIP technology, helping your business to evolve into new IT systems and technology. To start your business’s IT evolution, give us a call on 020 8142 4394.


VoIP for business: the details

For ultimate flexibility, we recommend using the call plan add on for MS Teams. We have deployed this option many times and recommend it to all our clients. One benefit of our clients working with Microsoft 365 is that they are a carbon neutral company, benefitting the environment around us. Users of MS Teams VoIP technology will be able to make and receive calls from any device, whether this be a mobile or a PC, with the app downloaded onto it. This can result in minimal hardware costs for your company. We also provide mobile device management. This is software installed on your company’s mobile phones, which is connected to a central server. This software allows our team to manage the entire fleet of phones, which is beneficial when needing to control devices remotely or locate a phone. Mobile device management is used during our work with blu-3 UK.

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VoIP business phone systems: on-site or off-site?

There is the option for your VoIP technology to be hosted on-site and off-site. There are a variety of reasons why you may choose both options, so we have laid out the potential benefits to be had.

Hosted off-site

  • Beneficial for companies with no IT staff, as the systems can be managed remotely
  • No hardware costs, other than the handsets and devices that VoIP software will be installed on


  • Could result in a lower monthly rate due to the lack of subscription fees
  • If you have an IT team, VoIP could give you in-house control over your calling systems

Benefits of a business VoIP
phone service

VoIP telephony services will benefit the way you run your company. If you’re curious about the advantages that VoIP technology can have on your business, these are the main ways you will benefit:


VoIP technology provides flexibility within your business, with our service tailoring the software to your preferences. It can offer the option for your employees to work remotely, maintaining access to company phone lines.

Cost-saving solution

VoIP can save you costs on hardware, as it negates the need for a desk phone or extra devices. The technology can be accessed on any existing device, from a mobile phone to a desktop computer, being kinder to your budget.

Get ahead of the curve

BT will be discontinuing analogue telephone services in 2025. This means that now is the time to hone your business’s technology, saving you from having to make changes later down the line. Our services help you plan for the future.

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Additional IT services to
streamline your business

VoIP technology isn’t the only way we can help you optimise your business. Our alternative services also use our IT expertise to create tailored systems and provide ongoing support should you need it. Our services include:

IT support services on an ongoing basis

Infrastructure implementation

Procurement of equipment

Expert consultancy services

Business VoIP solutions provided
by the specialists

Our VoIP services will help your business operate with ease, making calls from any device to contact other employees or clients. When our team implements your VoIP software, they will make sure they provide three things alongside their service:

Clear communication

Our communication is as clear as can be. We leave the IT language at the door, allowing our clients to fully understand our advice and guidance. Communication is so important, and we make every effort to optimise ours.

A wealth of experience

With more than forty years of experience in our IT team, you can benefit from services from experts. We have worked in a wide variety of industries – our experience will allow you confidence in your new systems.

Reliable results

Our mission is to resolve every issue that we are presented with. Our team is shown to solve 80% of support issues within two hours of our clients reporting them to us and 95% within 4 hours. We deliver systems that are tailored to your business.

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