Delivery of IT infrastructure tailored to your business

IT infrastructure services

Setting up the infrastructure for businesses is one of our most important services. We are experts in designing infrastructure that facilitates the smooth running and future growth of a company, allowing your IT systems to develop over time. With our infrastructure services, your business can benefit from bespoke IT infrastructure and support, set up in a way that is tailored to your requirements. We can work to a range of your needs, such as budget, the size of your business, and the scalability and flexibility you require from your systems. To benefit from brand-new infrastructure for your business, give our expert team a call on 020 8142 4394.


What’s included in our IT infrastructure support

Our infrastructure services can include a range of equipment. We consult with you to work out exactly what it is you’ll be needing from your IT systems so that we can plan a structure that serves you efficiently. We will plan, procure and setup equipment and provide ongoing support for the infrastructure we deliver for your business. This ongoing support is available for on-premise systems and for cloud solutions.  We can support infrastructure such as:

  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Switches
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cloud-based servers using Microsoft Azure
  • On-premise Servers

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infrastructure support services

Here at Cyan IT, we are experts at delivering infrastructure for businesses of all sizes. Whether this is on-premise servers or cloud-based solutions, we are the company to come to. Call us on 020 8142 4394, email, or complete our contact form for a fast response.


Options for you within our tech infrastructure

You may have questions when it comes to where your software and data reside. There are three options – on-premise servers, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), such as Microsoft Azure, or a blend of the two (Hybrid).

On-premise servers

On-premise servers are housed on the business’s premises, such as a data centre, server room, or facilities room. This allows the company to have complete control over their hardware and data – some business owners feel safer with local data storage. They aren’t entirely reliant on internet connectivity, which could be beneficial if connection is lost.

Cloud storage

Cloud software is hosted on an internet server and accessed by a web browser. This means that, provided there is an internet connection, files and data can be accessed from any device at any time. The lack of hardware on-site makes this option more affordable, as well as lower maintenance, avoiding considerations such as air conditioning for a server room. This means you can outsource the maintenance of the hardware and equipment.

Working with our team at Cyan IT, we will be able to advise you about which approach will be the most beneficial for your business. We will develop infrastructure that suits your company and its plans for growth, allowing you room for development in the future. Simply call 020 8142 4394 or email to get started.

The benefits of technology
infrastructure support

Benefitting from new infrastructure will allow your business to concentrate on its plans and daily running, without the risk of being distracted by IT issues. There are a variety of advantages that new infrastructure can provide you with:

Increased speed of IT systems

We all know how painstaking it can be to try and work with a slow internet connection and slow systems. A new infrastructure system can stop this from happening, encouraging productivity within your business.

Cost saving solutions

With our expertise, we can help you implement infrastructure that is within your budget and saves you costs. This could be due to the reduction of hardware or the use of different subscriptions to distribute costs for your business.

Futureproof your business

New infrastructure will help set your business up for the future. The infrastructure we can design will be tailored to the growth you are going to demand of your company, ensuring the systems can withstand the expansion.

Encourage flexibility

Cloud software infrastructure can help your company run more flexibly. This can give your employees the option of remote working, as they can access your data from any device whilst working from the comfort of their home.

Secure company data

There’s nothing more important than ensuring that your data is secure. With our cyber security solutions and new infrastructure for your company, you will be able to have peace of mind that your information and files are safe.

Ensure scalability

Infrastructure can ensure that your company has room to grow. We find out your future plans for your business, and design infrastructure that is tailored to these plans, ensuring your IT can evolve with your company as it grows.

Our alternative services for IT support

As well as providing infrastructure support, we can provide a range of IT services that will help you manage the IT in your business without doing it yourself. We will handle everything for you. This is just some of what we can provide you with:

A free audit from the experts

What are you waiting for? To benefit from your free audit, contact our expert team on 020 8142 4394 or email

How we work

Here at Cyan IT, our team is dedicated to providing the best customer experience we can give you! Our clients are central to what we do – if you’re not happy, neither are we. We work with these priorities in mind at all times:

Clear communication

It can sometimes be hard for people to understand IT specialist language. This is why we communicate with our clients clearly, without IT jargon, and in a way that strengthens your understanding with our explanations.

Experienced technical team

Our technical team has more than four decades of experience in the industry. This allows us to give you confidence about the systems we design and propose, with our expertise in technology infrastructure support benefitting you.

Rapid resolve of issues

We are dedicated to providing services with a quick turnaround time, resolving issues quickly and efficiently. If a critical issue presents, get in touch with us and we will respond within the hour.

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