blu-3 Global

blu-3 Global came to us with the requirements of a fully working site, with full connectivity to all their systems. A backup connection was needed so that there was no down time. We were able to meet these requirements and come up with solutions to all the challenges that we faced.

What were our client’s requirements?

It was imperative to our client that they had full connectivity to their systems at all times. They came to us as a global company with multiple locations in Europe. Sometimes these sites could be up to an hour away from other inhabitants. They required us to:

  • Install an internet connection in remote and isolated locations, with a backup connection
  • Provide segregated Wi-Fi connections for blu-3, their clients, and contractors, both in cabins and on-site
  • Provide readings for internet speed to the project management team
  • Document and track all IT equipment and update the asset tracking system with photographic evidence
  • Provide connectivity to the centralised digital signage system, showing bulletins live at each site, simultaneously

What services did we provide blu-3 Global with?

Our team worked with several sources and suppliers to find solutions during this project. We provided the following:

  • Supplied internet connection to remote and isolated locations, as required.
  • Completed IT turnkey solutions on construction sites around Europe, as required. This included:
    • Sourcing local equipment and setup
    • Finding local suppliers for internet
    • Terminating cables and running them to multi-storey cabins
    • Providing a comprehensive heatmap for Wi-Fi connectivity in cabins and on-site, where external access points were needed
    • Providing the client with a secure, private network connecting them to their office in the UK
    • Asset tracking of all IT – laptops, monitors, phones, printers, access points, switches, and servers
    • Providing a backup internet solution

What were the challenges faced?

The locations where a new internet connection was required were very remote and isolated. This made it difficult to provide a stable connection.

How were these challenges overcome?

In Austria, our skilled engineers were able to utilise what would have been the backup solution for internet connectivity as the client’s primary connection. What would have been the primary was then downgraded to the backup solution, as the speeds for data were far better in the original backup solution. This simple switch meant that their needs were fulfilled.


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